Monday, April 25, 2005

Blogs of Note

Well I've discovered a couple new blogging toys over the past month or so.

Haloscan commenting system. ~ A definitive improvement over bloggers comments. Much more flexible and guess what... It actually works. At 3am, it works. At 9pm, it works. And by working, I mean you don't have to wait for 15 minutes for the page to load that says wether your comment was posted or if it was just plain lost becuase blogger lagged it into submission. And with a premium membership for a whopping $12 a year, you can do just about anything. Still havent figured a way to move comments to it from blogger, but I think thats more bloggers fault as it has no way to export or import comments. Maybe doing that by hand if I get bored enough.

Gravatar. ~ This is a handy little feature for Haloscan and a host of other programs. It makes an associtiaton with an email address you give and a picture. Afterwards, anytime you use that email address in a comment, it will automatically post that picture. So I can keep the same picture associated with my comments over several different blogs. Kind of neat, and great becuase it is free. Another great feature is their privacy policy.

My Shout Box. ~ This is the best functioning tag box that I have found so far. It is fairly customizable. It is free. And it doesn't iniate pop-up's. Its far from perfect, but it does let you swear. The site however can be a bit of a nightmare, and it does go down from time to time taking your tag box with it. However its rare enough that it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

And now for the blogs of note....

Well I havent really done much surfing lately so there are only a few. And some of them I've been visiting forever and just finally realized they had never made it to my blogs of note. It's like cleaning out under my fridge yesterday. It's amazing what orange juice looks like after five years of sitting out.

Bryan's Movie Reveiws ~ This is the only site I check for movie reviews. You make recognize the author as he also posts on this site quite often. Not all of his reviews are posted here nor are all of the ones he posts here on his site. Anyways, his reviews are usually pretty open minded and very descriptive of what types of people will like this or that movie. Hopefully this will get him to start writing movie reviews more often.

Watermelon memories ~ She's been a regular visitor here for some time and I there for about as long. I thought I had posted her in one of the old blogs of note, but I hadn't so here goes. Her site doesn't really stick to any particular theme. One day she'll bitch about a house guest. The next its a internet quiz. Currently I am waiting to see what she finds out on her exploration of free blog hosting sites as we may be moving. (though I think switching to haloscan solvds about half of the problems we were having)

The world according to Tish! ~ I first found her site while checking out Dead Guy's cartoons. This is definately one for all the S.A.H.M.'s that read this page (there are at least three that I know of). I showed it to my wife the other day and she was reading it for the next hour and half. Very comedic stories of life as a mom.

Gypsy in the wind ~ I don't really know much about this page. I've never read it before, but while I was writing this, she left a message saying I look sexy, so I am posting a link to her. My wife is reading the site and seems to be enjoying it so far. Hopefully I'll get a chance to read more of it later tonite.

Just because I can...not because it's important ~ I'm not sure how I found this blog, or how they found me. I was looking thru old links and found it in one of my blogrolls. We are also in his blogroll. I liked the rant about Russel Crow.

Legends of the Drunken Master ~ Another regular visitor to our page. Figured I'd give him a shout out for putting up with us. He posts some funny rants about his everyday life. I want one of those comic book's shirts.

Holly's Fight for Justice ~ Truth be told, I don't get this site. Shes had a link up to us forever. It's not a bad site, I just can't relate. Its all about criminal victims in Canada. I've never been a criminal victim, nor do I live in Canada. But if either of those apply to you, this might be a good site to check out.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Blogs of Note

Well, here we go again. To start off with, I'd like to write a little note about some of the blog surfers out there. These nifty little websites allow you to surf through other peoples blogs and for every so many blogs you view, your site gets a viewing. Here's a quick review of the four that I've actually used.

First off, all of these work the same way. A website comes up. A counter runs from 20-30 seconds. And then you can click on an image or number or color or whatever and be moved to the next blog.

The first blog surfer

Blog Explosion is the first one that came out. Which is why it probably has the most features. This one uses the pick a number variation. Which is one of its biggest downfalls. It's like trying to read those scrambled letter boxes when verifing a new email account. Another large complaint is that they force you to assign at least 75% of your view-credits automatically. This stops people from saving them up until they actually write something worth reading (as is often the case for our site). For the most part though, this is a pretty good one. They've just recently added some new features that were definately for the best and they plan on adding more features yet.

The second blog surfer - slightly better then the first

Blog Clicker is slightly newer then B.E. I don't think it's actually the second one, but it is the second one to take off big. B.C. uses a much more user friendly picture icon system. They are a very easy to navigate site and this is my personal preference. There big downfall is that they allow comercial site to use there service as well. But I believe they recently added something so that you wouldn't have to see those. They too are constantly updating and adding new features.

The third blog surfer - a clunky pile of shit

Blog Crowd outright sucks. For several reasons. For one, they allow blogs of any language on their site. That means that you get to spend hours flipping through shit your can't even read. Also, there whole site is clumsy and their customer service is as bad as all of their sister sites. They do have a few good things though. First they give you 250 view-credits just for signing up. That's an automatic 250 views for doing absolutly nothing. Second, your credits are spaced out over time so you'll get maybe 12-20 veiws a day instead of a flood like B.E. does. And finally, this is the only site whose counter only clicks if you actually looking at the page. If you put it in the background, it stops ticking. So people actually have to look at your site for 20 seconds before they hit next.

and finally...

Something I found floating in the toilet

BlogAzoo. This takes the cake for the biggest pile of shit I've ever seen. It has no good points. To sign up, you have to agree to let them spam you and also agree to never ever spam them. There site is down half the time. Trying to post a comment on someone's blog, will likely fuck it up. And they have the absolute worst view to view-credit ratio at 8 to1. This site isn't even worth pissing on.

okay... and now for the blogs of note...

Non-Girlfriend ~ A humorous female rant site. I can never tell if its about her personal life or just the acid I took this morning.

Home Detention Lady ~ Proudly putting the "ho" in home detention since 2002. Another female rant site, cept this one is an aspiring S.N.L. writer.

Human Writes ~ This is an excellent rant site. The guy writes just like I do except he posts more often. Expect to read about shit, vomit, sex, and stupid people on a daily basis.

Dataste Tasty Blog ~ All about the tits and ass. 99% of this site is blondes, boobs, and other similar things. Even a picture of two frogs fucking. Doesn't get much better for the hard up male.
Why Television Sucks ~ A pretty good rant site from a Los Angelos dyke. Regular rants about network television stupidity.

Pantyhose Musings ~ The fourth female rant site this time. Her "What My Mother Never Knew" rants have been entertaining my for the last few weeks.

Dead Guy ~ This is a comic strip done weekly on a blog. Pokes a lot of fun at stupid people. My personal favorite... overzealous christians.

A Day in the Life of Paris Hilton's Vagina ~ I've seen blogs from a lot of different perspectives. This one was a new one to me. I hope her vagina keeps writing.

Smorgs For The Bored ~ Truthfully, this blog sucks. It's not really worth looking at. I just put it on here cuz I couldn't find anything better tonite and I wanted to have ten blogs and this one was covered with tits.

ah fuck it... after searching for about two hours on three different searchers i have yet to find anything worth reading. So heres number ten.

Despair, Inc. ~ Its not a blog. But I stole all of the pictures off from the site. Edited them in Adobe Photoshop and made my own screen saver using Webshots. This is one of the best demotavational sites I have ever seen. I just figured since I stole something from them that they are charging money for, I'd send a few people there way. Cuz I'm a swell guy.

Anyways. Thats it for this blogs of note. A few people linked us between the last one and this one but they've all since taken there links down. Dirty whores.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Blogs of Note

Things that frustrate me:

1. Blogs without my beloved "Next Blog" button. If they don't have it then I have to go back to the previous page and try it again. Letting the chaotic winds of blogger chase my fate.

2. Foriegn vs English. Why is it that almost half of the foreign blogs out there have English titles? There won't be a single other word on that page in English. What the hell? Maybe it's just me, but if I can't read your posts, I'm guessing those who can can't read your title.

3. Pop-ups. Why the fuck would someone put a pop-up on a blog. I saw two just today. One saying "type yes or no if you think im cool." Go fuck yourself jackass! The second told me I had to "click here" to upgrade IE. When I closed it, another came up with "You really need to upgrade. It is strongly recommended you click here." All the more fucking reason for me not to jackass!

4. Hearts. Why is it so many blogs feel the need to make you feel more loved by changing your mouse to a trail of hearts. This isn't an episode of "Rainbow Monkies," it's the fucking internet. We got rape and murder at the touch of our fingertips. Why the hell would we want cute fucking little hearts.

Anyways... That's all I have to bitch about for the moment. Here is the links of some noteworthy blogs:

Viewfinder BLUES - Kind of a neat take on a photography site. These are the leftover pics that didn't get used. Along with a little story/rant about each one.

I work for a gangster - The life and times of the Godfather's right hand man.

Figpaste - Some amusing stories of life.

Sinders rants - Definately some of the best rants I've read in a long time. Worth checking out about twice a year though as unfortunately he only updates about once every three monthes.

above the blue pool - Another decent collection of day to day living stories. I love the picture of the rocking chair in the street.

Anti-Prop - Definately a gamer. Anyone who has dreams about Sonic The Hedgehog or Dragon Warriors 1 is definately a gamer.

La Chat Noir - I almost skipped this one becuase it had a french title, but the god of alrightness smaked me upside the head and made me keep reading. Some funny stories. I liked the "pink" one the best.

rap, mp3, torrent, p2p, streetball, nba - This one is definately a forgein blog. I can't read most of it. But it does have free mp3 downloads for all of you who are to lazy to use Win MX like the rest of us to download all of your "for educational use only" movies, music, and whatnot. - The musings of a very very very bored individual.

Blog by Knight - A pretty good rant site. Most are written by Shalovee. But it looks like there are occassional guest writers as well. I want her calander archive. That is going to be my goal for the rest of the day. Find a calander archive like hers.

Well that's it for this time. Thanks to those of you who submitted sites. Makes my job a lot easier. Join us again in when I list another couple of blogs that I think are worth reading.

Blogs That Have Linked To Us

Stalkers Not Allowed - Arethusa's personal collection of reviews and rants.

Off The Post - DC-Giants's veiws on the world.

These two were previously mentioned in "blogs of note." And that concludes are broadcasting!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Blogs of Note

Well since this is a new year and all. I've decided to start a new subsection to the "Rants From Alright Guys" page. And since I've been talking about using sub-blogs to organize things for about two months now, I'm going to finally start doing it. I believe Mr_Nuts has already started his first sub-blog called "Bryan's Movie Reviews". And Kat has hers called A Calm in Vertigo. So here is my first, Blogs of Note.

Every time I'm on here, I try to surf the "Next Blog" button at least a few times until I either find something worth reading or I just give up because I'm sick of reading about dreary Goth poems about how much pain someone is in, Jill's diary, the most recent advances in computer bullshit, or things in foreign languages that I am unable to comprehend. I'm not saying that they are bad blogs, just that they are incredibly fucking boring to me (and probably to at least 90% of the English speaking world as well.) I think many blogs are written more for the self then for others, but here is a few that broke that barrier and managed to catch my eye. They are in whatever order my bookmarks folder put them in. (it's not alphabetical. Appearances are deceiving.)

CELEBRITY FEET - This site has a bunch of pictures of famous peoples feet. It's not incredibly well organized, or particularity glamorous. But he takes requests, and if you have a foot fetish this is the place for you.

Gay Movies - I'm not entirely sure why this one caught my eye, but it did. I can't say as I've ever seen a gay porn review site before, but whoever writes this one really enjoys his work. Call me a faggot, but there is something funny about reading movie reviews that start off by saying " I'm dipping his gay cock in farm-fresh cream and picking my teeth with it."

I bet after sex he smokes a ham... - I'm not sure if it is just the title or the weird little pictures of playdoh figurines that caught my eye here. Some of it is ranting, the rest is just weird.

Off The Post - Mostly just humorous little stories and rantings. Not particularly lewd, but still funny. A few good anti-Bush pics and comments as well.

Politart - I don't really follow politics but I like to bitch about them. A good political ranting blog.

WordOnUSBull - I'm not sure why this caught my eye. It only has two posts. But it is in my bookmarks so there must have been a reason. The little bitch about Bush's religious peddling is amusing though. *DEAD

What fresh hell is this? - This site is a daily update blog full of funny little quote worthy statements. Most are pretty amusing. They could make a desk calendar from this site.

Stalkers Not Allowed - I actually found this from a comment posted on the rants page. I think it is a review page. There are reviews of movies, music, and various consumer goods. Most are a mix of review and rant. Rather entertaining. In fact, I'd have to say it is probably the most worthwhile link on this list.

Rants in Our Pants - Another political rant site, though this one tends to be more right-winged then left. Still a couple of amusing ones. I especially like the Canadian one. *DEAD

Cliche kitty - Truthfully, I don't get this site. It seems a bunch of pointless garble to me. But the catch phrase (that is repeated more often then the power=responsibility line in Spiderman 1 & 2) is quite funny. "Every time you masturbate god kills a kitten."

and last but not least... - If you notice the spelling this is only one letter off from our main site. I feel sorry for the poor bastard he makes that misspelling. He's definaely not gonna find what he's looking for here.

If you think you blog is something an AG might enjoy, send me the link via email and maybe I'll post it on the next one.

Blogs That Have Linked To Us

Here are some of the blogs that have linked back to us. I found these three via google. The titles of the first three are pretty self explanatary. I hope to keep doing this and as more and more sites link to us, I plan on putting links to them on this page.

Blogs that link to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
I believe this is where we actually link to that movie.

Blogs that link to Ed Wood (1994)
I believe this is where we actually link to that movie.

Blogs that link to Day After Tomorrow, The (2004)
I believe this is where we actually link to that movie.

watermelon memories
I found us blogrolled on this site. She spelled the name wrong but I'll forgive her (alright not allright). Though I probably should figure out what a "blogroll" is one of these days. Anyways, the site has some rants, but tends towards more personal or semi-newsworthy events.

If you have a link to us and would like recognition, leave a comment or email me and I'll see your site gets put on the next list.

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